Lord 13

Lord 13 were formed in 1999 by Dee (bass), Costas (drums), Jim (vocals, guitars) and John (guitars). Shortly after their first few lives they made a name for themselves as a high energy, live, rock band.

They circulated their first demo in 2000 entitled “Embrace”. From this demo they released their own videoclip “Ball Of Pain” which was aired on TV for a number of years!

Two years later, 2002, they released their second demo titled “Hell Ride”.Lord 13 represent the heavy, psychedelic rock scene of the new millennium!

In the mean time Lord 13 formed their own label and production company, “FASTER LOUDER” and they recorded their debut album in the summer of 2004.

And in the year of 2005 they organized the 1st summer rock music festival on the island of Antiparos with a 24 band three day blow-out! A huge success and rock ‘n roll party uniting all of the current major Greek bands under one banner!

…and finally in December 2006 released the self titled album “Lord 13” (which received super reviews from the critics of Metal Hammer, Greece,, which is accompanied by the band’s second video clip “Bad Water Booze”, produced by Faster Louder directed (again) by Annabelle Aronis and shot in Mavrovouni in the Pelopponese, Southern Greece of the summer of 2006.

Through out the years Lord 13 have spread their music to the masses with electric, energetic and ecstatic live performances that have made their mark in the rock scene.
They have played support gigs for many visiting bands here in Athens such as Hawkwind, Nebula, Orange Goblin, Cathedral, Los Natas, Kayser, Eight Hands 4Kali, Great Coven and lives all over Greece and Europe .

In 2011 the new album “2013” (with guest vocals by Big Ben Ward) will be out on vinyl and cd, It is promoted by the new video clip ”Get You High”.
The band is currently working on two new works: An acoustic album with friends and family guesting on vocals and a full on electric heavy space blowout of an album!


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